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Mattress Gripper - Keep Your Futon Mattress In Place

The Problem

Your futon mattress seems to have a mind of its own. Your cotton or spring mattress tends to slide forward and slouch. Your polyurethane mattress is jumpy and springs out of position. No amount of pushing, pulling, or karate-chopping keeps it in place. This sagging, jumping, and general restlessness is caused by a serious lack of friction. The simple fix is to introduce some GRIP between your mattress and the seat of your futon frame.

The Solution

Enter the "gripper" (pictured right). The gripper is an essential futon accessory made of non-slip foam. This modern-miracle anchors your mattress into place and keeps it there! (The same kind of material is also commonly used to keep floor rugs in place.)

If needed, cut the gripper to fit within the seat of your futon. It doesn't have to fit perfectly. To install your gripper remove your mattress from the frame, unroll or unfold your gripper across the wooden slats of the seating area. It should rest in place on its own without falling through the little gaps between the wood.

 Tip: for a very jumpy mattress, try slipping a second gripper between the back-rest and your mattress.

Place your mattress back on top of the frame, taking care not to disturb the gripper in the process. Voila! Your mattress is now happily in place for you to enjoy. Now that you know, make sure to tell a friend!
Futon Covers

We always have a large selection of Futon Covers to choose from!

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