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Southern Waterbeds and Futons of Athens Georgia
Oldest Waterbed Store in Georgia AND Oldest Futon Store in Georgia
Locally Owned and Operated by Lynn Hardman in Athens GA for 49 Years!

Today's Waterbeds: Superior Comfort and Good Looks, Too!

You want the best for you family and for yourself: A supremely comfortable night's sleep, and a bedroom that fits your decorating style. You can have it all with today's waterbeds. They're made to meet your needs, whatever your stage of life, and whatever your style.


A waterbed can be truly customized to your own body's needs. That's important, because sound sleep is vital for your active lifestyle. No matter what your age, a waterbed treats your body better. And today's waterbed styles fit beautifully into you're your favorite conventional bed frame!! If you haven't considered a waterbed lately, do it now. Today's waterbeds offer something for everybody!

Support... The Way Nature Intended

Many physicians say that support, not firmness, is the real key to comfortable, sound sleep. The diagram below shows how the water mattress actually cradles your body, evenly support. With a waterbed, you can say good-bye forever to those restless nights when you toss and turn, trying to find a comfortable position. And, since the water mattress adjusts to each person's contours, regardless of shape or size, pressure on your skin is reduced, and your circulation is greatly improved. No more tossing and turning. And no more waking up to find your hand or arm is still asleep!

Finding Your Own Perfect Sleeping Surface

Ask us to show you a mattress with your choice of motion, from full wave to semi-waveless or even completely waveless systems. There's a style for you, whether you are lulled by gentle motion or prefer no motion at all. And that's just the beginning of your custom sleep surface. Earth of these styles can be these styles can be adjusted to suit your preference for firmness. With a waterbed, "You still enjoy the gentle cradling support only a waterbed can give.

If you want to keep your conventional bed frame and liens, just ask us to show you some popular "soft-sided" water mattresses. These styles, covered in designer ticking, combine the look of a conventional bed with the benefits of sleeping on water. They can fit right into your existing bed frame!

Sleeping on Water...The ULTIMATE COMFORT!

A waterbed will conform to your body shape to reduce tossing and turning. In turn, you sleep more comfortably. On a waterbed your sleep is more relaxed and restful, more refreshing than ever before.Conventional beds can be a pain in the neck, back, hips, and knees. On a conventional bed there is little conformity to your body shape. The explains why you toss and turn at night.

At Last! Relief for Back Pain

People of all ages experience back pain caused by today's active lifestyle. Whether you spend your hard-working day on the run or sitting too long, whether you're chasing toddlers or racquet ball, chances are, you could end the day with a backache. Here's where a waterbed can help! In a recent survey conducted by National Family Opinion Polls, back trouble was the most common reason why people bought their first waterbed. Why? Because waterbeds provide many people with relief from back pain. Since your body is 98% water, lying on waterbed creates a semi-weightless state that is especially comforting to your back. Your body can relax completely on a water mattress.

Temperature Control for Year-Round Comfort

The thermostat-controlled waterbed heater helps keep your body at a comfortable temperature. You can adjust the thermostat to provide just the warmth you prefer, and relax to the even soothing warmer, lower the thermostat to enjoy cool, comfortable slumber. You can even save money on room heating and air conditioning costs, while enjoying the sleeping environment that's the sleeping environment that's custom-made for you!

The Right Choice for Every Age

Resting on a water mattress is as close you can come to enjoying the semi-weightless comfort an infant experiences prior to birth. Your body is bigger and stronger, but the pressure on your skin surface is greater, too. A water mattress gives you all the support you need without being hard. And who couldn't use a little "babying," at every stage of life?

"Waterbeds are especially comforting to mothers-to-be." The waterbed provides wonderful support fir tired legs and the small of the back, and, combined with soothing heat, makes a perfect resting place. Many pregnant women find they can even sleep on their stomachs well into their pregnancy!

The same support and soothing comfort can help you sleep better, too. Because waterbeds can be the best-performing sleep systems for almost everyone, of any age.

Children and Kids Bedroom Furniture and BedsSupport Children's Growing Bodies with a Waterbed

Sound sleep is especially important to growing children. Hospitals have long recognized the benefits of sleeping on water. Many now use incubators with a tiny water mattress in caring for premature infants.

A water mattress is just as comforting to your child at home. A good night's sleep is vital for both mental and physical well-being, and will benefit your child's ability to learn and accomplish.

There's a special benefit for parents, too. Many find far less resistance to "bed time" when their child can snuggle into a warm, lulling waterbed! Ask us to show you the "super single" Sized waterbed, especially suited for the needs of growing children. They'll sleep better for it, and so will you.

Seniors Find Waterbeds Give a "New Lease on Life"

As time goes by, most of us find it more and more difficult to get really comfortable at night and sleep soundly. Many older people feel they "just can't fall asleep in a strange bed." Truth is, many have trouble sleeping even in their own beds. A waterbed can offer them a better night's sleep than they've had in decades.

The waterbed treats older bodies gently, giving soothing support without hardness. The therapeutic benefits of flotation sleep have given many seniors "a new lease on life" by soothing tired muscles and providing sound sleep for regeneration.

Adult Beds

Relief from aching joints and morning stiffness is one of the most dramatic benefits a waterbed provides. With arthritis the most common complaint of older people, a waterbed can be a sensible investment in adding years of restful sleep. Since heat and rest, along with aspirins and exercise, are the most commonly recommended treatments, a heated waterbed offers welcome relief from stiffness and pain. Many arthritis suffers also enjoy the gentle way a waterbed cradles their aching joints and gives even, comfortable support "like sleeping on a cloud!"

Why Not Take A "Test Rest?"

We invite you lie down on a water mattress and see for yourself what total comfort feels like. Once you experience the soothing sensation of resting in a semi-weightless state, just as nature intended, you'll want to sleep on water from then on . Ask anyone who sleeps on a waterbed how they like it. Most will tell you they would never consider an ordinary mattress again.

Give yourself and your family the good night's sleep, relief and relaxation you need and deserve. Today's waterbeds offer you comfort and beauty for the way you live, at every stage of your life!


Futons are real beds! Unlike old-fashioned sofa beds with thin pads and metal bars, a futon mattress offers true comfort for a great night's sleep.


Whether for a den, home office, spare room, or anywhere in the house, space-saving futons convert easily from sofa to bed. Many can be positioned as a chaise lounge too.


Surprisingly so, futon furniture is often half the price of a traditional sofa-sleeper, and offers twice the comfort.


From classic to contemporary, futon frames are designed of wood or metal in a myriad of furnishing styles to create rooms as individual as you are.


Redecorating has never been so simple! Futon covers come in a wide variety of fabrics, prints, and colors... just change the cover for a whole new look.

Futon Furniture
Futon Frames
Metal Futon Frames

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