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Southern Waterbeds and Futons of Athens Georgia
Oldest Waterbed Store in Georgia AND Oldest Futon Store in Georgia
Locally Owned and Operated by Lynn Hardman in Athens GA for 49 Years!

Blue Magic Waterbed Care Products

blue magic fiber conditioner for waterbedsBlue Magic Fiber Conditioner
Specially formulated to control the growth of odor-causing and slime forming bacteria, our All Purpose Blue Magic will extend the life of the vinyl and fiber inside your waterbed mattress, too. Without conditioner, the vinyl may dry and crack plus have a foul smell resulting from untreated water. If you are on well water, the manufacturer recommends doubling or tripiling the amount of Blue Magic All Purpose Fiberbed Conditioner because there is more active matter in untreated well water.

$12.00 Each or 4 for $45.00 Stock up!
8oz Bottle lasts 10 to 12 months

blue magic vinyl cleaner and protectant for waterbedsBlue Magic Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant
This Blue Magic mild non-abrasive formula is the ideal treatment for cleaning and protecting all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Removes dirt, dust, and most types of stains. 8 Oz.


blue magic vinyl patch kit for water bedsBlue Magic Vinyl Patch Kit
Super holding and fast acting adhesive in a resealalbe tube with an ample amount of waterbed vinyl patching material.


blue magic conditioner tablets for tube bedsBlue Magic Conditioner Tablets for Tubes
Contains 10 individually packaged tablets to provide convenient waterbed protection for tube beds.


blue majic super burper for waterbed mattressesBlue Magic Super Burper
This handy device removes unwated air bubbles from waterbed mattresses without water spillage.


sapphire pull cap and seal

Sapphire Pull Cap & Seal
Designed for maximum air and water tight security.


sapphire conditioner for waterbed mattressesSapphire Conditioner
4 oz. bottle conditions water inside your matress to keep it fresh and odor free. Lasts 8-12 months in full motion mattresses and 4 to 6 months in mattresses containing fiber.

$5.00 Each or 5 for $20.00

sapphire fill and drain kit

Sapphire Fill & Drain Kit
4 oz. waterbed conditioner, perfect union, faucet adapter, super pump, washers and instructions. Everything you need to fill and drain a waterbed except the hose!



Aqua Fusion Waterbed Care Products

blue magic fiber conditioner for waterbeds8oz. Aqua Fusion Waterbed Bubble Reducer
Prevents bubbles and gases from forming in all types of waterbed mattresses. Repeat every 12 months or as needed.


blue magic vinyl cleaner and protectant for waterbeds4oz. Aqua Fusion Waterbed Odor Remover
An innovative product that removes odor from all types of waterbed mattresses. If you have an unusual smell to arise, particularly a musty smell, pour the entire contents into your mattress to neutralize the odor. This rarely happens but if it does, you must act immediately because the smell will spread throughout the mattress and liner very quickly. Repeat treatment as needed.


8oz. Aqua Fusion Premium Waterbed Conditioner
For use in all types of waterbed mattresses. It treats and conditions the water, vinyl, fiber, and foam plus reduces noisy air bubbles.

$15.00 Lasts for 2 Years!



Tony Bova Blue Magic Blue Magic Fiber Waterbed Conditioner
Me and Tony Bova, left, in the Blue Magic booth at our trade show in Las Vegas in 2001. Tony created Blue Magic Waterbed Care Products and I have sold and recommended them for decades. They are still the best! This was the last time I saw Tony. In 2003, Dennis Boyd of Boyd Flotation acquired the company and continues to supply the industry with quality Blue Magic Waterbed Care Products. Our shelves are always fully stocked with Blue Magic Waterbed Care Products to help you fill, drain and condition your waterbed. We highly recommend the 8 Oz. Blue Magic All Purpose Fiber Waterbed Conditioner for all waterbed mattresses. It keeps the water fresh and clean and the vinyl soft and pliable. It’s the best thing you can do for your waterbed!


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