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Celebrating 46 Years!


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Southern Waterbeds and Futons of Athens Georgia
Oldest Waterbed Store in Georgia AND Oldest Futon Store in Georgia
Locally Owned and Operated by Lynn Hardman in Athens GA for 46 Years!


Futon Mattresses and Frames are in good supply right now and I have my largest selection of futon covers ever! Pick up a commplete futon package today or call and reserve yours for move in day.


Hardside Waterbed mattresses, liners and heaters are in plentiful supply but pine waterbed frames, headboards and drawers are not and in some cases sold out. For more information about our pine waterbed products, please read the announcement below. Softside waterbeds and our oak headboards and drawers are in good supply.


Our Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Comission has just declared we're in a local state of emergency related to COVID-19. Masking requirements are effective for indoor spaces as of August 4th. The CDC urges everyone to get vaccinated and to return to masking and social distancing to control the spread of the dangerous and highly infectious delta variant.

For these reasons and the fact that the majority of the college student population is unvaccinated, I have decided not to do dorm deliveries this year. I hope you understand.

Shopping in my store is reasonably safe as I have never been a high traffic location anyway and I am fully vaccinated and here to serve you.


I'm celebrating 46 years in business this year and greatly appreciate your business. Come see me or call and I will ship you anything that can be sent via UPS or the Postal Service. Thanks for all the kind words and supporting my business through the pandemic.         Lynn

  1. Store Phone: (706) 543-4323 - Store Hours
  2. My Cell Phone:(706) 207-4089 - Non Store Hours
  3. E-Mail: - Anytime

If there ever was a time to support locally owned businesses, this is it. Without your support now, we will not be here to help you in the future. Also, it's especially better for you to buy from us now rather than online only shippers. All of our waterbed replacement parts and supplies are in stock and you can pick them up today. We are hearing that some online sellers are out of stock on waterbed mattresses because most watermattresses sold online are made in China. Our Hardside and Softsides Waterbeds are MADE IN AMERICA from American material. Waterbed heaters from Mexico are in short supply, too. Our heaters are made in Sweden, more relilable, and we have a plentiful supply. Also, note COVID 19 has affected shipping in many areas including ours.


Looking for a real Waterbed Store? This is the only one in the South. 

We're open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM

Southern Waterbeds, located in Athens, Georgia, is the oldest waterbed store in Georgia and probably the only one currently operating in the entire South. It has been owned and operated by the same owner, Lynn Hardman, for forty five years. We have five hardside waterbeds and six softside waterbeds set up in the showroom for you to try out. All waterbeds are usually in stock and ready for immediate pick up but if you're making a special trip, call ahead and we'll double check our inventory for you. Click here for general prices of our Delivery and Installation Service. Please Note: our Delivery and Installation Service has been on hiatus during the Pandemic. Please call for the most recent update.  

Waterbed mattresses, liners, heaters, padded rails, conditioner, sheet sets and mattress pads are all in stock for immediate pick up or call (706) 543-4323 for quick shipping. We sell the best products that we know of and most are Made In America and all are competitvely priced. 

We appreciate your business and thank you for your support!

"The History of Waterbeds" on CBS Sunday Morning

 We Have Oak Bedrooms for Softside Waterbeds or Regular Beds!

Oak Bedroom - Softside Waterbeds, Water Bed


I need to let everyone know that we can no longer get any of the pine waterbed frames, headboards and drawers that you see here. The owner of the company that has manufactured them for us for decades has retired and I do not know of anyone else in the country making these or similar products in pine.

We will be replacing our pine waterbed collection with similar products but they will all be made of Northern Red Oak. The new styles will be more up to date but prices will trend upward due to the higher cost of material. So, if you want to save money with the pine, now is the time to buy.

This announcement does not apply to any of the components. We always have a good supply of water mattresses, liners, heaters and padded rails.


Oldest Waterbed Store in Georgia Celebrates 46 Years!

Georgia Bulldog Home Decor

We also specialize in Georgia Bulldog Rooms. Click here to see more.

Listen to our Georgia Bulldog Room audio clip


Southern Waterbeds and Futons of Athens Georgia

We are Georgia's oldest waterbed store and have the state's largest selection of complete waterbeds, waterbed sheets, waterbed accessories and waterbed replacement parts for wood frame waterbeds and softside waterbeds

Unless noted, everything on our waterbed page is displayed in the store and always in stock, including waterbed mattresses and waterbed heaters for woodframe style waterbeds

Feel free to call ahead and check our stock availability and please remember to treat your waterbed with Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner; it's the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your waterbed.

Delivery is available and includes our own professional waterbed installation within 300 miles of the store.

  1. Waterbed Store
  2. Waterbed Sheets
  3. Woodframe Waterbeds
  4. Softside Waterbed Systems
  5. Waterbed Mattresses
  6. Waterbed Heaters
  7. Blue Magic Watered Conditioner

Oak Bedroom Furniture

We have a large selection of oak headboards, oak drawer pedestals and matching oak bedroom furniture. Made In America like Furniture Traditions and built to last a lifetime from Northern Red Oak. All headboards and drawer pedestal bases can be used with our softside waterbeds or any type of regular mattress.

The drawer pedestal, headboards and all of the furniture pieces are designed to match each other perfectly. You can choose the pieces that you like; whether it's an entire suite or only a headboard with drawers underneath the bed.

We think we have the best Oak Bedroom Furniture that you can find!

  1. Oak Bedroom Furniture
  2. Furniture Traditions

Futons, Futons, Futons! 

Our Futon Gallery features a complete collection of Futon Frames, Futon Mattresses, and Futon Covers.  All Futons displayed in our showroom are usually in stock and ready for immediate pickup or delivery and setup.

  1. Futon Frames
  2. Futon Mattresses
  3. Futon Covers

UGA Home Decor

We also specialize in University of Georgia Sports Decor and gifts.  Show your team spirit in any room with our UGA sheets, comforters, and curtainsUGA bath accessories, UGA clocks, UGA rugs, UGA lamps, UGA wall art and tons more.  All Georgia Bulldog Home Decor and gifts shown on our web page are in stock year round unless noted otherwise.

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  2. UGA Sheets, Comforters, and Curtains
  3. UGA Bath Accessories
  4. UGA Rugs
  5. UGA Lamps
  6. Georgia Bulldog Rooms

Kids Furniture

Got kids or grandkids?  See our Futon Bunkbeds  and Bean Bags, including a Georgia Bulldog Bean Bag!

  1. Futon Bunkbeds
  2. Bean Bags
  3. Georgia Bulldog Bean Bags

About Us

Lynn Hardman, the same local owner/operator since 1975, appreciates your business and the opportunity to serve you.  The store is located in Athens Georgia across from Georgia Square Mall.  We are open Mon-Sat from 10am-7pm.  Closed Sundays and major holidays.

  1. Lynn Hardman
  2. Located in Athens Georgia


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