Southern Waterbeds
& Futons
3775 Atlanta Highway
Athens, Georgia 30606
Across from
Georgia Square Mall
Mon-Sat 10 till 6
Closed on Sundays
& Major Holidays

Celebrating 48 Years!


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Southern Waterbeds and Futons of Athens Georgia
Oldest Waterbed Store in Georgia AND Oldest Futon Store in Georgia
Locally Owned and Operated by Lynn Hardman in Athens GA for 48 Years!

Octiber 1, 2023 Futon Update. We are fully stocked!

On ocasion we may be out of one particular item, but that is rare now. We have plenty of Futon Mattresses, Futon Frames and Futon Covers in stock for immediate pick up!

All of our Futon Mattresses are Made In America so they are always in stock. All of our Futon Frames are currently in stock but they are manufactured in Indonesia and Malaysia. When I see those cargo ships off the coast of California that can't get in to port to unload, I can see why I can't get the Futon Frames that I've had on order for over six months. This situation is not going to change this year. My advice is, if you are going to buy any products that are shipped in over the water, buy them now while they are available. Plus, the longer you wait to purchase the higher the prices may be. We are routinely being hit with Ocean Freight Surcharges. The surcharge is a fee levied by the cargo container company on freight (our stock) to cover their increased costs of operation over the water and higher port fees. Then we have to pay the increased trucking freight costs plus a fuel surcharge to get the merchandise (hopefully) to the store and pay a price increase on the frames from the manufacturer. All retailers and online sellers are forced to pass some of these costs on to their customers. By the way, we constantly get negative reports from customers buying from online sellers so I suggest you buy from a dealer that has the products you want currently in stock. That way you can see them before you make a purchase and pick them up and take them with you. If you order from an online seller, you usually will not know exactly when, or even if, your order will really ship. Your futon mattress, futon frame and futon cover may be shipped by a third party shipper from different shipping points around the country meaning they will not all deliver to you at the same time and freight damage is likely.

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